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Constipation: What Drives it?

Updated: Mar 9

Let me start this by saying, constipation is THE WORST.

Constipation makes you feel sluggish, tired, heavier than you actually are (hello water retention), and is overall extremely frustrating to experience. Especially if you don’t know what to do to fix it.

As someone who has struggled with constipation for periods of time throughout my life, and worked with hundreds of clients who are chronically constipated, I know exactly how much it impacts your daily life.

But the good news is, because of my own experience with constipation and through helping others to overcome it, I would now say I am an expert in helping people to poop.

Understanding what drives your constipation and how it first started is the key when it comes to finding relief. The problem with most medical interventions is that they focus on relieving the symptom only through using laxatives, which can actually make the situation worse when used long-term.

What you really need to be doing to find relief from your constipation is to work out two things:

  • When it first started (the initial trigger) - this gives important clues for what the 'root cause' may be.

  • What is continuing to drive it on a daily basis (ongoing triggers).

Common initial triggers for constipation include:

  • A prolonged stressor in your life that causes ongoing anxiety.

  • Starting a new medication.

  • A significant change in daily routine.