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Food and Supplements for Temporary Constipation Relief

Updated: Mar 9

Constipation affects 10-20% of the population, most of whom struggle to find relief outside of using laxatives.

While chronic constipation is a symptom of underlying gut dysfunction, keeping the bowels moving and pooping while identifying and treating the underlying root cause is a critical part of healing from it.

Dietary, supplement and lifestyle interventions like eating more fiber, drinking enough water, avoiding “trigger” foods, moving your body regularly, and adding foods and supplements that act like natural laxatives might not solve the problem completely, but they can definitely assist in the short-term to alleviate the frustration that comes with being constipated.

How foods and supplements can provide constipation relief

There are many ways in which foods and supplements can keep things moving:

Bulking agent - soluble and insoluble forms of fiber add volume to stools and stimulate intestinal motility.

Osmotic agent - stimulates bowel movements by drawing water into the intestine, making stool softer and easier to pass.

Stimulant or motility agent - acts on the intestinal mucosa and stimulates peristalsis.

Bacterial and microbiome balance - a healthy balance of gut bacteria plays an important role in overall gastrointestinal health and maintaining healthy bowel movements.

The most scientifically proven foods and supplements for constipation relief


Fiber is essential for a healthy digestive tract and for normal bowel movements. This is related to fiber’s ability to act as a bulking agent, increasing stool weight and is the main