Supplement for Candida Overgrowth:


A.C. Formula from Pure Encapsulations is a combination of concentrated herbal extracts that promote a healthy environment for the micorflora found in the intestinal tract and colon. A great formula for anyone with bacteria, candida, yeast or fungal issues. Soothing yet powerful ingredients work with the body's natural system to promote balance and intestinal integrity.


Ingredients: Calcium (As calcium undecylenate and calcium caprylate) 44mg / 4%Magnesium (As magnesium carpylate) 17mg / 4%Caprylic Acid (As calcium caprylate and magnesium caprylate) 400mg / *Bromelain (2‚400 GDU/g) 250mg / *Undecylenic Acid 125mg / *Grapefruit (Citrus x paradisi) Extract (Seed and Fruit) 100mg / *Berberine Sulfate 50mg / *

AC Formula II

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