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Learn how to create easy gut friendly breakfasts that support your gut microbiome, while reducing gut symptoms.

50 recipes included!

Gut Friendly Breakfast Guide (US version)

  • BREAKFAST — Some people love it, others would rather skip it. It was once dubbed “the most important meal of the day”, but the breakfast options marketed alongside this slogan were not the healthiest of options, and certainly weren’t the best for your gut.


    From a gut health perspective, breakfast is a great opportunity to start the day by giving your beneficial gut bugs some love through prebiotic fiber. Eating breakfast is also very important for preventing constipation by maintaining healthy bowel motility.


    My Gut Friendly Breakfast Guide will teach you how to create easy gut friendly breakfasts that support your gut microbiome and energy levels, while reducing gut symptoms. It includes a guide to help you to build your own gut friendly breakfasts + 50 easy to follow recipes that have additional instructions to modify the recipes to suit common food intolerances (gluten, dairy, FODMAPs), or diet preference (vegan, vegetarian). 


    Recipe categories: 


    Smoothies — great for on the go. 

    Quick and Easy — perfect for busy mornings.

    Meal Prep — recipes that you can make ahead of time.

    Weekends — for those days you have a little more time.




    What defines a gut friendly breakfast?

    How to create a balanced breakfast (with food lists)

    How to build the perfect smoothie

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