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No More Guessing 

Test your microbiome and take control of your gut health today.

The Gut Health Clinic offers the most advanced at-home microbiome abundance and diversity test available today, without a consultation. 

How it works





Get your test kit delivered straight to your home.

Collect your samples following the easy to follow instructions.

Send your samples to the lab for testing using the handy pre-paid courier bag included in your test kit. 

Receive your results and personalised recommendations. 

Why test your gut microbiome?

The gut is home to trillions of microorganisms that we now know play a pivotal role in our health. 

We also know that when the microbiome gets disrupted and becomes out of balance, this can lead to digestive problems like IBS, and health problems in general, from skin problems, to chronic fatigue and joint pain. Weight gain, weight loss, trouble sleeping, PMS and even autoimmunity. 

Thanks to recent advances in stool testing, we can now get an accurate screenshot of the microbiome to determine the diversity and abundance - which simply means: we can now test how "in balance" your gut microbiome is. We can also test for certain pathogenic types of microorganisms or "bad guys", that we know cause problems in the gut, like diarrhea and constipation. 

With this information, we can then determine the most accurate treatment path and bring you back to balance.